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It’s a dark day when banks can’t get it together to settle a contract on time, but there we have it, so following a week’s delay, today, filled with excitement, I finallly unlocked the door to my new home. Unlock, yes. Unopen, no. Courtesy of a pressing need for restumping, the floor had risen to the door and it was stuck. Not a good start! I shouldered my way through and after a year of project withdrawal, I just want to get down and dirty with renovation #7.

Laughingly nicknamed the ‘Tumeric Latte’ (TL) house, a name a little too enthusiastically embraced by everyone; with its rollercoaster, vertigo-inducing floors, a leaky, sagging roof and garden so boring it would put the worst insomniac to sleep, for the next 12 months, this faded 1950s non-descript, triple-fronted renovator’s delight will be my muse. ┬áMy vision is light and bright, clean, simple lines, no clutter and a modern, Scandi feel. Ideally I’d have large windows or walls of glass, but my location within heritage overlay precludes this. I’ll just have to make the most of what I’ve got.

There’s bound to be surprises galore – the good, the bad, the ugly and the scarily expensive….a money pit? Hopefully not but time will tell.