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The last 7 weeks have been a blur. And as I catch my breath, I’m on track to finish well before I move in on January 25. And it’s all because of a great bunch of tradies. With my regular builder unavailable until January 2, I’ve had to source new tradies, and nearly all were unknown to me before I started this project. And of course I decided to dive in 7 weeks from Christmas. What was I thinking???

At this point the boxes can be ticked on re-stumping, new roof, new master bedroom ceiling, under floor insulation, ducted air-con, gas heating, repaired plumbing including leaking sewer pipe, three-quarters exterior painting, all interior painting except master bedroom, mulched front garden, privacy screen/fences/gates done and 25 olive, capital pears and burgundy melaleuca trees and assorted ground covers planted. All In 7 weeks. Phew!

If I seem overwhelmed, it’s by the kindness and generosity of these guys. They’ve all got partners and families and yet they’ve squeezed me into their already overflowing client lists, worked after hours and weekends to help me. I’m just so grateful. I like to think it’s because I’ve asked nicely, treated them well, had a laugh with them, paid everyone on the day and they saw me on the tools and getting my hands dirty. ┬áMy roofer even said he’d never seen anyone as organised and that everyone considering a renovation needs a Barb. I’ll take that!!

So to those who love to build….I salute you.