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In the absence of any meaningful work, with the help of my trusty apprentices, I busied myself removing the carpet. It’s gone. And so has my back. With carpet in every room – who does that nowdays? – rolling and dragging it was hard work and at the end I couldn’t straighten up. But that had its advantages. My bent over position gave me a great look at the floorboards and they’re in terrific condition. Bonus. Should save me a bit on repairs and they’ll come up beautifully when lime-washed. I’ll need reinforcements to remove the hideous ‘early terrible’ pelmets and curtains though. Pelmets and curtains – a hanging offence.  Screwed and glued to the walls, they just won’t budge. Work in progress.

Next was the front garden with its expanse of useless water-guzzling grass and not much else. Grass nuked, cardboard laid – thanks Matt for tossing the pub’s weekly haul of cardboard boxes my way – holes dug, Capital Pears in, mulch spread with my two trusty 12lt buckets and pavers down. Side path and back garden included. High five. That’s 32 cubic metres of mulch moved in two weeks thanks to the boys delivering 16 cubic metres to the wrong address leaving me to move the humongous pile to 23T by hand. Ugh. Ground covers still to go in. Can’t wait for the lpg tanks and dead air-con unit to go.

Driveway privacy fence and gates done too. And I love them.  A typically brilliant job Lee. A little different and will be a nice fit with the incoming house colour.

Week 1 done and dusted. Re-stumping starts tomorrow.