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It’s the start of the Australia Day long weekend and quaint little Maldon is swarming with visitors. There’s a nasty north wind blowing, covering everything in dust from the partched western plains. The fire sirens are ringing. It’s 48 degrees. Yep, really……and to top it off there’s a town-wide power outage, so no air-con. It’s fair to say it’s not one of our finest days. But it’s a great day to move house and after 3 sweaty hours the removalists were gone and the girls and I were getting to know our new home.

By late afternoon, with power back on, the house set up and chilled, the natural order of things was restored. Of course the kitchen is missing its island bench and the bathroom, well, the Helen Keller-designed bathroom won’t be renovated until July, but even without that, dark, pokey spaces have made way for light-filled, open living. 

My sow’s ear is almost a silk purse.

Since Xmas nearly every day has been 40+ degrees. I’m so over it! Everyone here living in reno hell has had their hell extended because it’s been so freaking hot the tradies haven’t been able to work full days. How lucky am I that my tradies pretty much beat the worst of heat and in 10 weeks did an epic job. Plus, in one of life’s great mysteries, my newly planted front and rear gardens are thriving. Winner! So, now to create something out of the uninspiring ‘south 40’.