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WEEK 2 – RE-STUMPING | A Money Pit
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Second week……first disaster.  Who’d have thought there is a job worse than plumbing with plumbers up to their elbows in turds, but yes there is. And the winner is…..re-stumping. Mammoth tree trunks dug in below 600mm, little room to move under the house, so hand digging only, then, pretty much on their knees or stomachs, dragging said stumps out from under the house. And there are 109 of the suckers under mine. Add to the mix three days of summer storms that had the 3 member team slogging it out in flowing rainwater and wet sticky clay. How would this play out?

Not well as it turned out. By Tuesday the team of 3 had become 2, by Thursday 2 had become 1 when the junior (who’d only started on Monday) quit after the foreman called him a ‘lazy motherfucking cunt’.  Nice.  By high noon Friday, the atrition was complete when the foreman called me to say he’d been sacked for his outburst. Although wallowing in self-pity, he thankfully rembered to tell me I had a leaking water pipe under the house. Then came the kicker- it had been leaking since Monday. He didn’t mention it earlier because he thought it would stop. Huh??  SOS call to plumber. WTF? txt to re-stumping contractor. WTF alright.

I wonder what surprises next week will bring.