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Friday’s WTF? txt seems to have hit the mark. Cue a flurry of reassuring responses from the boss and by early Monday, a cast of thousands were working flat out. By Wednesday old piers out, holes dug, new concrete piers hung, floor levels taken and house realigned. Finally the concrete was poured and left for 3 days to set before the additional supports are removed and bargeboards replaced. The whole process reminded me of a chiropractor adjusting a body. Exhausting work for everyone.

By Friday afternoon, no more rollercoaster floors and doors that didn’t close now do. Unfortunately the only doors that did close, the front and back doors, now don’t. The boys forced them shut and locked them for security, but I couldn’t open them, the only way in via up a ladder and through a window left open so wide Stevie Wonder couldn’t have missed it, exposing a slight flaw in the boys’ security plan. The novelty of this mode of entry will wear off pretty quickly….like now, so this needs to be fixed pronto.

And proving that Plan A cannot be relied on to, well, go to plan, my plasterer has torn his bicep from his shoulder and is off work for 6 weeks. Shit for him. Shit for me. There goes his repair work to the post-stumping plaster cracks so I can paint the interior before floor sanding.  I’ve got more chance of finding a one-ended stick than getting a new tradie before the Holidays. Hmm, lateral thinking needed. I’ll just have to learn how to do it myself. Youtube here I come. I’m glad I didn’t pick this week to give up sniffing glue.

So, as I lurch from one disaster to the next without any loss of enthusiasm, I’d say things are going well.