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WEEK 5 – HALF WAY…MAYBE? | A Money Pit
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I’m sitting on my front steps on a stormy summer evening. There are two weeks left of what has been a joyous year and as it draws to a close, I’m excited about the new one racing towards me.  And I’m already 5 weeks into my project; one that’s been like no other renovation I’ve ever dived into.

The week kicked off nicely with floor sanding revealing beautiful, cherry baltic pine floorboards. Much excitement. They’re so lovely I’ll do a matt clear instead of lime washing which could look a tad clinical against my now painted white walls – yes, with late nights and early mornings I got them done. And thanks to the amazing Paul who stepped in to restore and paint my ceilings to save me from neck pain, apart from my bedroom, I can tick off interior house painting. My plantation shutters arrived and look terrific. I’ve also got a new (very shiny) gal roof. A bit too shiny at the moment. I’m expecting CASA to complain it’s blinding pilots on the Melb – Syd flight path.

So, all going well. Too well. Cue a laundry list of disasters:

#1- my bedroom ceiling cracked and bowed thanks to historical water damage. It’s not covering the floor like snow, but it’s irreparable. This is gonna be exie. Shit.

#2 – my brickie, booked to raise my fireplace ready for my new in-built heating which arrives next week has gone MIA. Shit, bugger.

#3 – my re-stumpers should have finished up two weeks ago but are dragging the chain woefully and have damaged loads of weatherboards and bargeboards. Sloppy finishing off for which I have no recourse. Ugh. This is gonna cost me. I’ve lost that lovin feeling. Shit, bugger, bum.

Sitting here on the steps, after what the money pit threw at me this week, I’m tempted to take up drinking. But who am I kidding? This is a renovation and shit happens, sometimes daily.  The important thing is that no one’s died and no one’s in gaol – yet.